Changelog 🌵

☏ Spring 2024 ☏

  • Fixed bug where descriptions did not always save if the book is new
  • Fixed password reset email flow (new client!)
  • You can now copy books to your shelf!
  • Updated friend request flow - now a little cleaner
  • more coming...

❄ Winter 2024 ❄

  • Added /books page (get a random book)
  • Added 2024 Sorting
  • Author now seperate field
  • New add books modal (no longer a two step process), including book meta autofill

𖤓 Summer 2023 𖤓

  • Added a Bulletin Board page, now you can share books or little or big thoughts and respond to others
  • Books now use specific ids in the URL

♨ April 2023 ♨

  • Faster loads! We cleaned up a bunch of nasty queries and loading times should be significantly quicker
  • It only took a year but you can now,,,, reset your password
  • Themes! Under settings try out different colors
  • New home menu - ASCII art included
  • Continuing to make bookshelf on your phone better

☞ Febuary 2023 ☜

  • Added Skuemorphic books
  • Editable field for 'date read'
  • Mobile Improvements

☽ January 2023 ☾

  • Migrated hosting platforms to a more stable provider
  • Book descriptions can be set to private
  • Updated database to capture the dates books were modified, created, and finished to help support future features
  • Mobile UI improvements
  • Now possible to toggle between catagories while editing book
  • New Archive catagory
  • New Shelf page